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By booking your trip with a TICO

Registered travel agency, you're automatically protecting your travel investment.
TICO is Consumer Protection for your travel investment, a watchdog for everyone who books their trip with a TICO - Registered travel agency. And it's easy because all travel agencies operating in Ontario have to be TICO-registered. It's the law. No matter where you travel, when you purchase from a TICO - Registered travel agency, you've got peace of mind knowing TICO is there to help.

TICO Regulations

Through mandatory registration of all Ontario travel agencies, TICO ensures agencies adhere to the Ontario Travel Industry Act. And that means they must follow the law.

That means things like proper invoicing and disclosure, truthful advertising and financial compliance - and holding your money in trust. We also see they meet educational standards for the industry.
TICO Monitoring
TICO makes sure the travel agencies you're buying from follow strict consumer protection laws, all backed by the Ontario Travel Industry Act. TICO inspects and monitors all agencies, and disciplines those that don't follow these laws.

TICO promotes fair and ethical competition, supports a Code of Ethics and encourages legislative and regulatory changes.

Tico refunds money for services you paid for but not receive
If you purchase travel services from a TICO-registered travel agency and you don't receive those services due to closure or bankruptcy, TICO helps.

When your cruise line, airline or even travel agency fails to provide , services, TICO gives refunds D to five thousand dollars per person. In certain circumstances, when travelers are stranded, even bring them home.

Compensation Fund coverage is subject to the provisions of  Ontario Regulation 26/05

TICO helps you out with a complaints process
We hope your travel always goes well, but when you're not happy and you and your travel agency can't seem to resolve the situation, we can help. But remember, if your agency isn't TICO registered, there's not much we can do.

If you book with a TICO-registered travel agency, TICO helps with a complaints process, communicates with your travel agency and makes sure the consumer protection laws were properly followed.

Although we can't impose a settlement or act as an arbitrator, we make sure you've got a process to help solve your concern.

To find out more about how TICO protects your travel investment, please go to or call 1-888-451-8426

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